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Who We Are

Happycall has speciallised in kitchenware and have achieved a massive worldwide sale since its foundation in 1999.

Our products such as Double pan, Diamond Frying Pan, Direct Gas-Fired Oven, Alumite Ceramic Pot, etc appealing to domestic and global customers have the innovative features beyond the existing commonplaceness all the time.

This is the very result of pursuit of 'creativity', 'high quality' and 'customer satisfaction' as top priority mission. We are inclined to believe that only distinctive high quality products will be satisfactory to every housewife's liking and intend to stay among the best in our field.

What We Do

Happycall has filed applications for about 300 patents so far, having 58 patents, 62 utility models, 89 industrial designs and 73 trademarks. Especially, the Double Pan invented by the company for the first time in the world has been locally registered as national patent in US, Japan, China and we are doing our best to register it in the UK as well. In 2002, the company received the Golden Prize in the South Korea Patent Technology Exhibition and in the International Invention Fair.

Happycall is the producer of an extensive range of kitchenware, each of them deemed to be an essential part of any kitchen. Products such as Double-Sided pan, Diamond Frying pan, Alumite Ceramic Pot, Direct Gas-Fired Oven and 3-ply stainless pot are instances of what Happycall promise to every kitchen.

Such efforts of Happycall have led to the customer’s reliance on the company, allowing Happycall to gain popularity sufficient to make its production line too busy to fully meet every order volume. Our executives and employees are working day and night to meet our clients’ demand and provide them with the best possible customer service.

All of these attainments of Happycall have been achievable thanks to its customers’ continuous attention. We at Happycall will do our best to pay it back by our best product quality and workmanship in the hope that every customer will be satisfied with their purchase. And as a promise, Happycall will devote itself on researching ways to improve quality of its products and develop new range of kitchen accessories to create continuous customer satisfaction and bring the happy and joyful cooking time to your home.


To all of you, from all of us at Happycall Store - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Mehdi S. Zadeh
Sales Manager